Kinda Bored

I haven't really updated this or anything since I'm still busy with school, plus I have no idea whatsoever how to pimp But hopefully when I get some down time I get the chance to make it all pretty and learn the mechanics of the live journal. I must now get back to studying for my finals...Darn, exams...=(
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Request: School Rumble 2nd Term

Hello...I'm not sure if this is allowed, please delete if not. But I'm just wondering if anyone has School Rumble 2nd Term episodes 11 and 26. I'm seriously been looking for them for the longest time. I was so disappointed when it got suddenly licensed. I just need those two to finish the series. I'll be eternally grateful if anyone can provide them for me or point me to a site that has them preferably a direct download and not a torrent and in an avi format. Thanks again...=)

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to swtjam_2x's LiveJournal!

kurarekurou worked on this blog...for a placing up the picture of Jun Matsumoto (Don't worry swtjam_2x the picture I scanned myself...that's probably why it looks kinda funny...) and the Ouran High School background.


Glad to see it up and running!

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